Mobile Alarm System Lite

Mobile Alarm System Lite

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Mobile Alarm System is a burglar alarm system with many features. It protects your phone from theft and nosey people or can also be used simply as a prank. Besides sounding an alarm it can also silently take a picture, send an SMS or email, or call someone. Like this, it can be used in many ways: ★ to find out who is using your phone
★ to get informed when your parents get home early
★ to count how many times someone goes into your room when you're out
★ as a babyphone
★ ...

An alarm can be triggered when:

- the phone is moved (only in the pro version)
- something approaches or leaves the proximity sensor
- the phone is unplugged from charger
- someone unlocks the phone
- a noise is too loud
- the camera detects motion (only in the pro version)

★ The proximity sensor can detect when something that lies on your phone is removed!

The alarm system can be used as a warning against theft and burglary or just as a prank.
The surveillance with the mobile alarm system brings protection and security for your phone.

--- FEATURES ---

- 4 different sensors (6 in the pro version)
- 8 different sounds
- Take a picture when the alarm is triggered
- Beautiful design
- PIN Lock (only in the pro version)
- Duration of the alarm can be changed
- Sensitivities of the different sensors can be changed
- Alarm siren can be delayed so that the alarm can be cancelled in advance (if the user can unlock the phone)
- precise noise detection
- Camera preview (only in the pro version)
- Send e-mail with picture, sms or make a call when the alarm is triggered (only in the pro version)

This app can not be used like Lookout Security & Antivirus as an antivirus software or to find a lost phone. It rather protects your phone against intruders, stalkers, children etc.

The permission READ_PHONE_STATE is needed to prevent the alert from being triggered while someone is calling you.

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