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Turn your phone into your personal coach; miCoach is your smart running companion on Android phones. The app uses GPS and real-time voice coaching to pace you through your exercise whether you are indoors or outdoors. Additionally get access to hundreds of strength & flex training exercises to achieve your fitness goals. miCoach works with many adidas top athletes and coaches to offer you the best training program to improve your speed, endurance and strength. Train smarter and be faster with miCoach! Features:
- Use the app during your workouts to measure distance, pace/speed, calories burned and elapsed time.
- The premium voice coaching by selected adidas athlete (for example Derrick Rose) and highly customizable audible alerts enhance your motivation to achieve your goals.
- Track your progress and reach your goals: access your latest achievements and major milestones.
- Analyze your data: get your running and workout score and keep track of your time, burned calories and pace.
- Get your performance in animated charts (also in landscape).
- Set individual goals to improve your fitness with a variety of workouts and training plans. Use the free training plans to prepare for your next 5k run, 10k run, half-marathon or marathon. The app also features several workout plans that help you to lose weight or to improve your running technique.
- You´re not a runner? – No problem. We have you covered with more than 400 strength and flexibility exercises to improve your fitness.
- Get stronger, get in shape, lose weight: access to more than 400 strength & flexibility fitness exercises and practice by instructional videos.
- Easy access to your music during your activity and deep integration with Google Play Music.
- Heart-rate tracking & coaching: support of Bluetooth Smart HRM on selected Android phones (Android 4.3 and higher). Heart-rate can be used for premium voice coaching. Train more effectively by using heart rate to give real time feedback about your body response.
- Display your route on Google Maps and calculate a detailed elevation profile.

Intergration of miCoach devices:
- Integrates Training with the miCoach Fit Smart. The miCoach FIT SMART wristband measures a variety of data (heart rate without chest band, distance, stride rate, pace, calories etc.) which can be displayed on your miCoach train & run app.
- Stride-rate tracking & coaching: support of miCoach SPEED_CELL Bluetooth Smart as a stride sensor for running on selected Android phones (Android 4.3 and higher). Stride-rate can be used for premium voice coaching as well as simply for tracking of stride. adidas SPEED_CELL delivers you distance and pace of your workout independent from GPS to enable indoor training and more accurate pace based trainings.

- Sync to miCoach.com cloud to save and view detailed analysis of your workouts.
- Supports the analysis of workouts done by the adidas Smart Run watch (synchronized via Wifi to micoach.com from the watch to the app).
- Gear Section: track your shoe usage.