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Notifications Off

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Notifications Off Reviews

  • Sam Choo

    Sam Choo

    Reviewed in My Android Apps

    *ROOT required

  • Tarun M

    Tarun M

    Reviewed in Smartphone Management

    required : 4.1+

  • AustrianAtheist


    Reviewed in Stock-Replacements! (Mostly Holo)

    Better than turning off every app seperately

  • Karl Kloepping

    Karl Kloepping

    Reviewed in Required for a New ROM

    Some apps really don't need notifications and are simply an annoyance. We can turn off notifications but it involves opening settings, going to apps, finding the right app and turning off the notification. It's kind of a pain in the ass, really. NotificationsOff simplifies the process by providing one interface to manage the notification privileges for all installed applications. The app has profile functionality allowing for multiple configurations that can be switched easily. Very nice way to cut down on notification clutter.

  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    Reviewed in Apptastic Fantastic!

    A nice cohesive way to group all of your notification permissions together.


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ROOT is required for the app to work.

Notifications Off is a useful utility for controlling application notifications in a centralized way. Instead of toggling notifications for applications individually from the settings screen you can turn off notifications for all applications from one place.

Using the new 'Profiles' feature you can keep multiple pre-configured profiles and quickly switch between them with a single click on a shortcut on your home screen. Or, you can completely automate it with Tasker integration.

Notifications Off can also automatically disable notifications for new applications as soon as they are installed.
Please do not leave one star reviews if it does not work for you. Instead email your device details (model, superuser app and version) to so that I can help you.

Please submit all feedback to

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