Folder Organizer lite

Folder Organizer lite

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Folder Organizer lite Reviews

  • Joy Smith

    Joy Smith

    Reviewed in Droid DIY - Customization, Management & Design

    1) Create a folder (label) called "Status Bar" 2) In it include any folders you want access to from anywhere - ie. App Drawer. Main Menu, Speed Dial 3) Instant everywhere app drawer. You can really do a lot with this, I couldn't recommend it higher.


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Group items according to labels and create fully customizable folders and widgets. You can organize apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts
+ Change folder icon, icon pack support
+ Sort folder items any way you like
+ Make app shortcuts with custom icons and names
+ IconFinder support: search for new icons on the web
+ Put items in notification bar
+ Scrollable widgets Tutorials are available in official site

Permissions are needed to read contacts and bookmarks, create direct call shortcuts and download new icons

Folder Organizer can't be moved to sd card because it contains widgets (see Android documentation for details).

Please restart your home replacement or your device if you see wrong icons on home after a version update

Ad-supported, full version available

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