Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles

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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Dec 14, 2016


The Zero Motorcycles App is the perfect companion to your 100% electric Zero.   The app utilizes your Android device’s Bluetooth connection to communicate with any 2013 model year or later Zero Motorcycles model. 

The Zero App includes a "Demo Mode" that allows you to browse the App and envision what it might be like to use this app with your own Zero. We encourage you to check it out. 

With the Zero App, you can: 
- Customize your motorcycle’s performance by adjusting ‘ECO mode’ (2013 model year) or ‘CUSTOM mode’ (2014 model year and later) to set top speed, maximum torque, and deceleration and braking regenerative levels.
- View live data from your motorcycle in a configurable dashboard-like riding screen (options include torque, battery current, motor temperature, estimated range, and more).  
- View detailed battery and performance data from the motorcycle when not in use.
- Get real-time estimates for recharge times of your battery as well as view battery voltage and total kilowatt-hours used.
- Gather trip statistics, including average watt-hours per mile, cost per mile, money saved v. gasoline and CO2 reduced vs gas.
- See the latest Zero Motorcycles news and updates through a discrete ticker.