WhatsApp™ Spammer ★ROOT

WhatsApp™ Spammer ★ROOT

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    Nov 25, 2014


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Check out the newest sensation on the App-Store !
The WhatsApp™ Spammer will drive your friends to insanity. !!!! At first you NEED a ROOTED DEVICE !!!

***-> Install BUSYBOX if the APP crashes for you ! <-***

Then simply :
• Choose your contact or group to bomb !
• Create your selfmade message or choose your media.
• Choose the ammount of messages you want to fire out.
• Click the "Start Spam"-Button to let the bomb explode !

With this brand new app it is possible to spam messages on WhatsApp™ at a speed that no one ever could think of.
[+] Send up to 1000 messages in 1 second. (100 in WhatsApp™ Spammer Free version)
[+] Infinite message chars (Limited to 30 chars in WhatsApp™ Spammer Free Version)
[+] Infinite spam - bombs to your friends or groups !
[+] Fully automatic, smart overlay and no need to do anything.

Many more features now availabe with in app purchases:
[+] No ads.
[+] Choose to spam your latest messages.
[+] Bomb multiple contacts at once. (Multibomb)
[+] Image spamming.
[+] Voice Spamming.
[+] Send up to 1000 messages with infinite chars.

See the magic happen. WhatsApp™ Spammer.

WhatsApp™ is a registerd Trademark of WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp™ Spammer is unaffiliated with WhatsApp inc.