Indiana Stone

Indiana Stone

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    Jun 9, 2013

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    Playboard Review

    Erez Zukerman

    Minecraft meets Temple Run, with a twist

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  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    Indiana Stone is one of the greatest games on Google Play. Don't let the price tag turn you away as this game is jam packed with content and is worth every penny. Great voxel graphics and perfectly implemented tilt controls.

  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    Reviewed in Apptastic Fantastic!

    I don't know about you but it's always been my dream to be the boulder from Indiana Jones. If you share my world view you can also become the boulder inside.

  • Cory Roberts

    Cory Roberts

    Reviewed in Fun and beautiful games 5k+ and less installs

    The impressive 3D voxel graphics are a sight to see. A refreshing entry into the endless runner genre where you are the boulder. Well worth the $3.

  • Jānis Emulis

    Jānis Emulis

    Reviewed in Games you probably don't know (paid and free)

    Adventurer Clark Templeman has found the legendary golden idol, but when he accidentally triggers a trap switch, all hell brakes loose. Will he get away? You're job is to... stop him. Because you're a... boulder? Rock solid endless runner with traps to dodge and stone cold grave robber to catch.


Tired of infinitely running? Well, your wishes are about to be GRANITE! As a rolling boulder, crush the treasure hunter as he tries to escape with a priceless idol!
▪It's a ROLL REVERSAL where YOU are the boulder
▪Rad 9-bit art and music that takes 8-bits to the next dimension
▪Visit exotic locale like Egypt, China, and Indiana
▪A metric ton of unlockables and super secrets
▪Four smashing game modes: Story, Challenge, QuickRoll and Endless

Before long you'll agree:
This game belongs in a museum!

Here's what people are saying about Indiana Stone!

"Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder has just Dethroned Temple Run as the best Endless Runner out there. Yep. Said it. Meant it. Now go buy it." - Bernardo Español (Nardio)

"A well-crafted sendup of both Indiana Jones and the infinite runner genre, Indiana Stone: The Brave an the Boulder is a rock-solid." - Kinetikai (jayisgames)

"Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder effortlessly stands out in a crowded App Store, and should roll right on to your iOS device." - Trevor Sheridan (AppleNApps)

"With plenty of thought and planning put into it, it's an easy title to recommend for those looking for an Endless Runner that does things a little differently from the norm." - Jennifer Allen (148apps)

"I was surprised to find that I am a fan of boulder-based games." - Juli Clover (AppAdvice)