Color Sheep

Color Sheep

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    Apr 24, 2013

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    Playboard Review

    Erez Zukerman

    A game about a sheep showing wolves who's the boss, using pretty, pretty colors.

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  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    Color Sheep is a great new puzzle/reflex title. It is a gorgeous game, but don't expect a cake walk here. The game brings many unique gameplay elements to the table, so get your brain thinking in a new way. Awesome game here.

  • App Junkie

    App Junkie

    Reviewed in Addictive Arcade Action

    Great concept that is well executed, both visually and mechanically. Selecting the right color combination while under extreme pressure not to be devoured by hungry wolves is much harder, and more fun, than it would seem.

  • Youqi


    Reviewed in My currently installed games.

    Addicting, has a fair price. Easy to learn.

  • Žiga Hajduković

    Žiga Hajduković

    Reviewed in Brain Benchmark Games for Android

    Brain Skills Benchmarked: ★★★★★ Visual ★★★☆☆ Speed

  • keno carl reyes

    keno carl reyes

    Reviewed in Addicting games- frequent update

    Very chalenging game.

  • LahTiger


    Reviewed in Epic games & apps of all time

    lol i really dont know how to describe this game.. You kill wolfs by turning to their color and shootinng from your mouth o.0

  • AndroidLover


    Reviewed in COOL AndroidGame

    Hordes of vicious wolves have emerged from the mouth of Wolfcano to steal life and color from the world. Now the Knight of Light, Sir Woolson, must ready his color-changing fleece and magical powers as the last defense against the darkness! Color Sheep is a fast-paced arcade game in which players change Woolson’s color to match oncoming wolves by mixing different intensities of red, green, and blue light. An intuitive swipe-based interface makes forming combos a breeze. When Woolson is charged, tap him to release an incinerating laser blast! Magical items dropped by enemies summon fantastical nature spells to protect Woolson and smite the evil lupine invaders. With over twenty color combinations to master, three difficulty modes to choose from, Game Center leaderboards to climb and achievements to unlock, Color Sheep is easy to learn but hard to put down! Mix red, green, and blue to master the power of light! Discover Woolson’s arsenal of spectacular spells! Climb the leaderboards and best your friends and family! Works great and looks amazing on your phone and tablet!

  • Theweedman


    Reviewed in Top Apps,Games,Root apps,everything

    Kill enemy's by mixing colors.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Feb 22nd 2014

    wolfflame21: Color Sheep is the best game on my phone right now. Very cool art style and fun color matching gameplay. I recommend it.

  • Elle


    Reviewed in Smart Games

    Gioco di velocità e memoria, colorate la pecorella dello stesso colore del lupo per colpirlo e salvarla! Avrete solo i tre colori primari e le varianti chiaro/scuro, da mescolare in pochi secondi... This is a speed-memory game, where you have to colour the sheep to match her with wolves, shoot and save her! You'll just have RGB colors and Bright/Dark as starter buttons, to mix 'em in a few seconds...