Twin Robots (Free)

Twin Robots (Free)

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    Sep 8, 2014

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As featured in TegraZone: Switch control between the two robots at any time, or even better: play with a friend in local multiplayer!

You'll be running, jumping & solving puzzles together, but beware: Both robots are battery-powered so they consume energy in everything they do. Watch out for their battery levels!

Note: To unlock the multiplayer mode you'll need 2 bluetooth gamepads connected to your device.


Controller support:

1.- Tested & working:
Amazon Fire Game Controller
Snakebyte iDroid:con
OUYA Game Controller

2.- Not tested, but they should work:
Moga Pro & Moga Pro Power (HID Mode)
XBOX360 gamepad & several of its clones
Several other generic bluetooth gamepads may work as well, as long as they are HID compliant.


★★★★★ Super game !!! Love it I just can't believe that its not so famous !!! Great job !! = D
★★★★★ Hard to believe more people haven't purchased this game yet! If you're looking for something different to play, this is definitely worth a look.