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    It's 2014, baby! If your calendar for the new year is filled to the brim, Calendar Status might be the thing for you—it gives you a highly customisable expandable calendar in your notifications. So go ahead and fill it with craploads of new year goals.

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    Khaled Trad

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    Calendar Status lets you quickly see upcoming events by pulling down your status bar.


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Accessibility & Style, this is what it's all about.
Aren't you tired of opening apps, placing widgets and all for looking your next event location ?
Have you ever tried finding your agenda while in call ?
Calendar Status provides the easiest agenda access you have ever seen.
All you have to do is pull the status bar and everything you want will be presented STYLED JUST THE WAY YOU WANT
"After using Calendar Status for a few days, I wonder why it didn't exist all this time. The app puts your Android device's Calendar into your notification drawer, and I can't imagine how no one thought of doing this before. It's the easiest way to check your calendar on Android."

"Rather being your conventional calendar app which we’re no doubt quite familiar with, Calendar Status brings to the table something novel, yet practical. So what is it? It’s none other than your very own calendar in your notification bar."

You change almost any detail in the events layout.

Full feature list :
General style :
• Notification background color.
• Time format. (HH:mm, hh:mm aa, hh:mm)
• Date format. (mm/dd, mm-dd-yy, and many more)
• Show weekday instead of date.
• Show weekday next to date.
• Show 'days left'.

General layout options :
• Keep the notification on top.
• Enable\Disable expanded notification.
• Set the event search time interval for maximum relevance.

Settings for each layout (collapsed and expanded)
Layout style :
• Set special style for today's events. [Collapsed layout]
• Set events colors as calendar color.
• Set each event element (Title, Time, Date etc..) font size, color & weight separately.

Layout options :
• Set number of events to be shown.
• Show\Hide events end time.
• Arrange the events elements as you like (order&visibility) !
• Merge same day events under one date.
• Show\Hide 'All Day' events.
• Show separator between events (only on Expanded notification).

More options are available in the PRO version
• Select the notification icon (inc.option to remove the icon in Android 4.3 and up)
• Show calendar colored bullet and select its symbol.
• Show Today/Tomorrow instead of date.
• Select which calendar's events will be shown.
• Select the notification click action (Open settings / Create new event / Select app).
• Make status bar icon to display the current day of the month.
• Set special style for today's events. [Expanded layout]
• Match all layout style to collapsed layout style.
• Show more than 4 events on expanded layout.

• ANY ISSUE - Please contact us at when you encounter a problem.
The app provides a lot of functions and works on a very large variety of devices, sometimes things doesn't work out, we want to know that, so you can enjoy our app.

● [PRO only] Added option to show event in calendar on event click.
● [PRO only] Backup file location was changed to SDCARD/CalendarStatus/
● [PRO only] Enlarged date icon on status bar.
● Date will be shown when no events found to display.
● Logo face-lift, logo is now flatten.
● Fixed : Notification click does nothing when no events to show.
● Fixed : Times didn't update on timezone change.
● Fixed : Crash when showing 15 events with double row.

● Select font weight (Condensed/Normal/Light)
● 2 Lines parts ordering in expanded
● Backup/Restore (PRO Version onlu)
● Enable\Disable expanded option on notification click
● 'Report issue' in click (on app menu)
● Few more bug fixes
● Added 'No Icon' option for Android > 4.0.x under 'General Layout'. [PRO]
● Added FAQ option to the app menu.
● Added some more date formats (19-Dec / Dec-19-2013 etc..)

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