Unified Remote

Unified Remote

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Unified Remote Reviews

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Dec 14th 2013

    PancakeSlaughter: provides a great number of nicely laid-out remotes for important pc media applications - like VLC or Youtube - but also for core system functionality, like Monitor On\Off, PC On\Off\Hibernate\Restart, File Manager and Task Manager. Perfect when you hook up your pc to the big screen and need a remote, but also when you are lazy and don't feel like getting out of bed to turn off your pc for the night.

  • AlA IO

    AlA IO

    Reviewed in WLAN etc.

    remote control app in desktop (rdp is better)

  • Jānis Emulis

    Jānis Emulis

    Reviewed in Some great apps you may not know. Yet.

    I have no idea why I didn't try any PC control app till this day - Unified Remote is a gem when it comes to controlling Windows, Mac or Linux machine from distance. You must have server enabled on computer and be on the same wifi network or use Bluetooth. Mouse control (no lag whatsoever), keyboard, file manager, media controls, ability to start apps from start menu folder, task manager and preconfigured controls for some programms - all this in free version. Full version comes with additional functionality (screen mirroring, 40+ remotes, ability to create custom remotes and bunch of other stuff). WARNING: make sure to enable password protection since any android device gains access to computer immediately without any confirmation thus ability to see every file with file manager. Encryption enabled is also recommended. I would also turn off server broadcasting after configuring remote access.

  • Rudy Samuel

    Rudy Samuel

    Reviewed in Best free apps without obstrusive ads

    Sometimes, all we want to do is lie on bed watching our movie. Ah? What's that? You need to change something? The point of lying down is to be lazy. This remote enables us to control our computer using phone!

  • Юрий Гагарин

    Юрий Гагарин

    Reviewed in The best possible experience yet

    Remote for many apps on your pc. Has wake on lan functionality.

  • thafraj


    Reviewed in Handpicked apps

    Control your PC with these useful tool.

  • Moira


    Reviewed in Amazing apps

    Use your smartphone as mouse and keyboard for your computer

  • Sandra Leal

    Sandra Leal

    Reviewed in Useful apps

    Controller for your computer, free and easy to use


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*** App of the Day promotion ended October 13th *** Easily the most feature-filled computer remote. Turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control for your Windows PC. Mac and Linux support also available (beta). Control your favorite programs, mouse, and keyboard.

Server: www.unifiedremote.com

“Fantastic tool for those of you who want to have a remote control for their computer for watching TV, or maybe for listening to music.” – Gizmodo

Key Features:
• Easy server and app setup, that just works.
• Loaded with remotes to control many media applications, tools, system settings, etc.
• Basic Input remote to control mouse and keyboard.
• Automatic server detection to easily find servers on your network.
• Server password protection and encryption for added security.
• Supports single and multi-touch mouse control.
• Wake On LAN to easily start your server.
• Includes light and dark color themes.
• Server is available for Windows, Mac (Beta), and Linux (Beta).
• Control other devices including Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yún.
• 18 free remotes

Full Version Features:
• 40+ remotes
• Widgets & Quick Actions
• Voice commands
• Custom remotes
• IR actions
• NFC actions

Remotes in Free and Full Version:
• Basic Input (Mouse & Keyboard)
• File Manager
• Keyboard
• Media
• Power
• Scroll Wheel
• Slide Show
• Spotify
• Start / Launcher
• Task Manager
• Windows Media Center
• Windows Media Player
• VLC (Keyboard)
• YouTube

Remotes in Full Version only:
• Create and use Custom Remotes
• Boxee (Keyboard)
• Boxee (Web)
• BSPlayer
• Command
• Chrome
• Firefox
• foobar2000
• GOM Player
• Google Music
• Google Presentation
• Hulu Desktop
• Hulu Web
• Internet Explorer
• iPhoto
• iTunes
• J River Media Center
• Keynote
• KMPlayer
• Mac OS X
• Magnifier
• Media Portal
• MediaMonkey
• Monitor
• MusicBee
• Navigation
• Netflix
• Numpad
• Opera
• Pandora
• Picasa
• Plex
• PowerPoint Advanced
• PowerPoint Basic
• QuickTime Player
• Safari
• Send Text
• Spotify Advanced
• Tellstick
• Tellstick Live
• Twitch TV
• Winamp
• Windows 8
• Windows Photo Viewer
• VLC (Web)
• XBMC (Keyboard)
• XBMC Advanced

Note that some remotes are only available for certain operating systems.
Learn more at: www.unifiedremote.com

• INTERNET: for server connection.
• BLUETOOTH: for server connection.
• WAKE_LOCK: for optional wake-lock.
• READ_PHONE_STATE: for auto-pause.
• ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: for server connection.
• VIBRATE: for optional haptic feedback.
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for server connection.
• NFC: for NFC actions.
• INSTALL_SHORTCUT: for launcher shortcuts.
• CHECK_LICENSE: for licensing checking.
• TRANSMIT_IR: for IR remote control.