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SAVE THE POPSTAR, SAVE THE WORLD! Help Toshi dance to defeat the evil demons. Save Toshi (for iOS) reached the #7 Top Paid iPhone Puzzle Game in the US and was featured on iTunes under Best Puzzle Games. Over 1 million people have already saved Toshi, giving the game an average rating of 4.5 (out of 5)!

This free android version comes with 1 free level pack (20 levels). 4 additional packs can be unlocked for free by using the awesome built in Tapjoy’s offer-wall.

“It’s a lovely mix of cute and challenging at a price too good to pass up”

“2D physics puzzlers like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope dominated the sales charts in 2010, we’re already looking for what’s next, and we think we’ve found it!”

“There is only one flaw to this game, and that is that at some point the game ends.”

“In short…get this game…play this game…it’s super good!”

Physics puzzles are definitely one of the most popular game genres on mobile. While most of these puzzles take place in simple 2d worlds, Save Toshi pulls ahead of the competition by providing a unique 3D take on the genre.

Every time mega popstar Toshi dances... a demon dies! This is why the evil demons kidnapped Toshi and made her forget how to walk. Without her supernatural dancing powers the world is in danger! Your mission is to help Toshi get to the dance-floor area by shooting and smashing down the different types of blocks she is standing on.

The intuitive controls that are incredibly simple to pick up. To shoot, tap your finger on the target. To rotate your view, just drag your finger around. Save Toshi has an easy and straightforward learning process with detailed in-game tutorials and there is also a hint system to help players with even with the most challenging levels.

The level design uses a wide variety of game-play elements (different materials, explosives, hinges, and more) to create 100 mind-boggling physics puzzles. To get the best score you will need to solve all levels with as few shots as possible. And while the game starts out with extremely easy tutorial puzzles, later levels will really challenge you to think in all 3 dimensions!


* Amazingly fluid and realistic 3d physics
* 100 fun and challenging levels with a smooth difficulty curve
* Outstanding variety of different game-play elements
* Intuitive and super easy to pick up controls
* Easy and straightforward learning process with in-game tutorials
* Hint system available for all levels
* Simple stars scoring system (based on number of shots)
* Unlock levels for free using Tapjoy’s offerwall
* Cute and hilarious lead anime character
* HD quality 3D graphics
* Unlock new outfits, music & environments

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