Viral Popup (Youtube Player)

Viral Popup (Youtube Player)

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    Feb 28, 2015

Viral Popup (Youtube Player) Reviews

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Tried and Tested Apps

    This is the free version so yes we have quite a few limitations. However, the idea behind it and why you may want the pro option. Is the ability to watch videos when not in YouTube or Viral itself. But so what other apps allows for the same functionality, right? Wrong. Standout features: - Resizable window - The window is the actual video being played not a window of the Web page. Meaning you can extend it to full screen or shrink it to the size of a thumbnail in the corner of the screen while you do other things. - Able to adjust video quality. Dependent on which version you have. - The actual app setup is like a mirror of YouTube. - The look and feel of the app is also customisable.

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    A YouTube player that allows videos in floating window over other apps and continuous sound even when screen is off.

  • Kalle Grabowski

    Kalle Grabowski

    Reviewed in just the best - fcuk the rest...

    best third party YouTube app available, perfect as 'normal' player AND as floating player too...

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Alternative YouTube players and clients

    An excellent YouTube client with a pop-out player, that can also keep playing the video when you turn off the screen (great for music videos!).

  • Mcwurth


    Reviewed in Anti-top-apps.

    A YouTube popup player. Quite handy in case you was watching that one videoclip but got an SMS or are chatting but do not want to stop watching the video.

  • Khaled Trad

    Khaled Trad

    Reviewed in Awesome Android apps - daily updates

    A floating window program that plays YouTube and plays each video immediately after the previous one.full featured popup player love the feature that you can still listen after hiding and you can even mute

  • Banton


    Reviewed in Content Consumption

    Floating app for YouTube which looks and works great. Multi task while you get your video fix

  • Niels Mentink

    Niels Mentink

    Reviewed in Apps i like

    Much better than normal youtube app!! I♥Viral :-D

  • Stefan van Den Broek

    Stefan van Den Broek

    Reviewed in Best usability and multimedia apps

    You like the pop-up function from Samsung, and you want the same experience with your Youtube? This app gives you the chance to have it, it's still in it's beta phase, but it still delivers a fair punch of youtube goodness!

  • Mousa Walid Salih

    Mousa Walid Salih

    Reviewed in the best apps ever !!!

    make YouTube video floating every where :)


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Importans :
background play removed from this app due to Terms service of API .
Viral is an innovative video player that has many features .
For those of you who like to multi-task, it allows you to pop-out and float your videos above any other app, so you can watch a video and send text messages, emails or just browse the Internet. If your device is powerful enough, you can even view multiple floating videos!
You can also choose to visualize your videos in fullscreen mode or minimize the playing video to the notification tray so you can listen to the audio in the background – great for listening music or podcasts from YouTube while you're on the run!
This app has the following features to give you the best seamless and intuitive experience:

• Support ChromeCast from any stream video .
• Connect to your YouTube account (access to Watch Later, My Uploads, Playlists…)
• Resizable Pop-up player, which can also play local videos from your video gallery
• Multiple Pop-up player at same time.
• Minimize to notification bar and play in the background
• Change video resolutions from 144p up to 720p
• Tab sliding interface for easy navigation (change brightness and volume directly by swiping on the video)
• Highly customizable interface with lots of settings and options, and more…!
Before leaving a low rating, please consider contacting us (email below) with your feedback first. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we are willing to help resolve any issues you might have. We hope to make this app the ultimate mobile companion to your video viewing experience!
if u want help us to make this app perfect please join us in this group to become beta tester :