CLARC lite

CLARC lite

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    May 14, 2014

CLARC lite Reviews

  • Gamaliel Cuadrado

    Gamaliel Cuadrado

    Reviewed in Good Games HD

    Its a new game, good and funny

  • Björn Schulz

    Björn Schulz

    Reviewed in Console Quality Android Games

    Only one IAP to unlock full version + controller support

  • orit tashman

    orit tashman

    Reviewed in Games

    5 stars

  • Connor Sanders

    Connor Sanders

    Reviewed in The Real Games

    Fun, puzzle based. Passes the time!




    Nice game.Sympatic robotic character.Good graphic and smart idea.Wort to play.Recomended.

  • Pablo Haro

    Pablo Haro

    Reviewed in Point and click adventures

    CLARC is a puzzle game about a little robot (called CLARC) that can pick up and move boxes around using a tractor beam. The description makes it sound very easy. But soon you will realize that this game will stretch your brain to the max. The puzzles are smart and the difficulty increases exactly at the right pace. First your task is to simply move a box from A to B, then you need to maneuver yourself into a narrow passage while carrying the box and soon you find yourself between killer beams keeping an eye on a small drone being carried away by a conveyor belt trying not to get yourself or the drone killed! There are 25 levels and around 100 puzzles to beat and I am sure it will take plenty of time to complete them all. The setting changes from a factory through Martian landscape to an alien ship. And I must say it all looks beautiful. CLARC is a 3D game in a cool cartoonish style which suits the game just right. Each character has a detailed model and there are many of them. The main character is very cute. Not just because how it looks but how it behaves and talks. CLARC is simply lovable. It reminds me of Wall-E or Number 5. And that's another thing, most of the characters in the game have their own personalities and you can interact with them in many ways. There's plenty of dialogues and witty humor which makes the game both fun and funny. You will meet sexy missiles... CLARC soundtrack is amazing. The music changes according to the environment from a non-intrusive tune when you are alone to a funky robot disco when you enter the party area. Controls are very well designed, too, and soon they feel very natural. The fact that the robot can move in all four directions by strafing and rotate at the same time is actually an important puzzle element! Conclusion CLARC is one of the best puzzle games I had a chance to play and probably the best on Android. It's smart, witty, funny and it looks and sounds great. The game was also nominated for awards in two categories by Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2014 (German Computer Game Awards) and rightfully so. CLARC is not free, but it's definitely worth the money. There is a demo with an in-app purchase that contains three regular and one bonus level, so you can try first and pay only if you like the game without losing your progress.


CLARC. An actiony puzzle adventure. With drunk robots.
● [4.5 of 5] "CLARC is a terrific little game with a lot of heart. It's gorgeous, meaty, packed with a variety of clever puzzles, and challenging." -
● [4.5 of 5] "An enchanting experience that you need to discover for yourself. I highly recommend this game" -
● Won the "German Games Award 2014" for "Best Mobile Game"

This grid-based genre mix combines complex spatial puzzles with arcade style action elements and an epic storyline.
As the story unfolds, the nerdy forklift robot Clarc will encounter partying robots, attractive nuclear missiles and intoxicated supercomputers. He sets out to repair his production facility on Mars and fights to rescue his friends from the intruding spaceship, M.O.T.H.E.R.


● 100 brain-teasing puzzles in
● 25 large levels
● 12 hours of gameplay
● High-definition comic visuals
● Dozens of interactive elements
● Advanced enemy AI
● English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian language support
● Google Play Games – Achievements
● Cloud Sync for game progress
● Level Skip Cheat
● No annoying micro-transactions!
● 3 +1 levels for free in CLARC lite!
● Only 1 In-App purchase to unlock the full game. NO CONSUMABLE ITEMS!

● CLARC's rich visuals are optimized for TABLETS
● featured in the TegraZone with a special THD version for nVidia Shield


Please note that CLARC's rich visuals are optimized for newer devices.
● Requirements: DualCore CPU 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 4" Display, Android 4.0 or higher.
● Recommended: Tegra3, Snapdragon S4 / 400 / 600 / 800, Exynos 4210 or higher.
● Please check the free levels in CLARC lite before purchasing