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Are we missing your favourite app? Email us at to let us know! Instructions

1. Download both the mobile and desktop TRIGGR applications (
2. On the desktop application, click the blue "Show Pair Key" button.
3. Enter the 5-digit (alphanumeric) Pair Key on the mobile application.
4. Click the blue "Pair" button on the mobile application.
5. Your devices should now be paired. Try making or receiving a phone call!
6. If you are having trouble, please visit for instructions.


This Free Trial Trial is free to use for 10 days. Get the full version of Triggr here:
The Triggr mobile app will only work with the Triggr desktop app. Download the desktop app FREE at


Never miss a call again.


➊ Desktop Notifications
See notifications from your favorite mobile apps on your desktop.

➋ Smart Volume
Your computer volume will automatically be lowered when making or receiving a phone call.

➌ Noise Alerts
Expecting something urgent? Your computer will notify you with a ping.



This app can only be used with the TRIGGR Windows application. Download the desktop app FREE at

Mac OS X and Linux support are on our radar!