Smart Phone Mode

Smart Phone Mode

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    May 17, 2012


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“Smart Phone Mode”is able not only to provide you ordinary Phone Modes to set Mute, Vibration and Ringing, but also to have more personalized Phone Mode settings. Especially, the timing function which realizes Phone Mode auto-switch will make your device smarter!
The app also has a desktop widget. You complete Phone Mode switch by tapping on home screen. This app is handy, smart and easy-to-use!
1.    Add and remove Phone Modes: you can add the highly personalized Phone Mode as you like, or remove undesired Phone Mode in your device.
2.    Phone Mode settings:set the Phone Mode name and icon, and personalize volume, vibration, alert tone, ringing tone, display, Wi-Fi, flight mode and the like in the Phone Mode.
3. Select type: you can choose manual switch to active Phone Mode by one touch or timing switch to active Phone Mode smartly at pre-set time.
4.    Time setting: under a timing mode, you can set several periods of time and the start, end and repeat time in each period.
5.    Desktop widget: select the desired Phone Mode showing on the desktop, and then its icon can be shown in desktop Widget. Your suggestions and commands are welcome. Please contact us through Android Market comment and e-mail.