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Our Full Version is now free. Enjoy!
Should you still want to support the development of our app, feel free to in-app donate. Use Lady Cycle to:
* track, visualize and analyze your menstrual cycles
* savely and naturally prevent pregnancy based on NFP
* maximize chances of conception (predict the time window of highest fertility)
* explore interactions between your body and psyche
* track your physiological and psychological symptoms and well-being in the course of pregnancy

Lady Cycle implements the Symptothermal Method of the Natural Family Planning (NFP) workgroup.
* the safest method of natural contraception (Pearl-Index up to 0.3, comparable to the pill if correctly applied)
* natural, not accompanied by any systematic side effects, compared to hormonal contraceptives

Lady Cycle:
* was successfully tested on numerous cycles
* contains all information you need: help-guides, manuals, first step guide
* password protection of personal cycles

Especially dedicated to:
* women that use the Symptothermal Method of the Natural Family Planning (NFP) workgroup
* women that would like to learn more about themselves
* women that appreciate advanced analysis, visualization, and statistical tools for easy usage

Reasons to get Lady Cycle:
* High Standard & Safety
Lady Cycle determines your personal day of ovulation, fertility and menstruation based on the data you enter, using the rules of the NFP workgroup. It does NOT rely on a stereotype 28-day cycle template that leads to incorrect estimates! Neither does it rely on methods which are considered to be unsafe such as the calender method (Knaus & Ogino), the temperature method, or the cercival mucus method (Billings).
* Easy to Use
Just enter your basal body temperature and cervical mucus quality. Your current cycle is automatically visualized and your fertility state is always visible on the main page.
* Adaptive System
The longer you use Lady Cycle to keep track of your monthly cycles, the more exact and narrow your fertile period can be estimated.
* Biological Knowledge
Learn about the biological characteristics of your monthly cycles and their specific phases easily.
* Self-Awareness
Explore your monthly cycle: Lady Cycle provides you with an elaborate tool box to explore your personal cycles. Your data on psychological and physiological well-being is integrated with your cycles and being statistically evaluated, and visualized to assist you in finding interrelations between your body and mind.
* No unnecessary clicks
Easy and Quick Data Entry (also of previous cycles)
* Calender Widget and Legend
* Data Backup (Import and Export)
* Journal of psychological and physical symptoms and well-being

Lady Cycle was developed privately financed by two scientists in the fields of psychology and neuroinformatics. Please do not hesitate to contact us for feedback, suggestions and feature requests to

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