Location Cache

Location Cache

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DOES NOT WORK ON ICS and UP (Android 4.X), and it never will
You probably heard that the iPhone caches the devices location.
The same happens on Android.

This app allows you to look at the data on your device in an easy way.
You can see directly on a map what positions have been cached.

If it doesn't find any informations you most likely turned of "Use wireless networks" under "Location & Security" settings.

- view list
- view on map
- export gpx file
- delete cache (can not be undone)
- delete and block (use wireless for location keeps working but no data will be cached on the disk)

- INTERNET needed for the map (no internet = no map)
- WRITE EXTERNAL MEDIA (SD) needed for GPX export to the SDCard

- Use the red buttons on your own risk!
- Source code is on github (website link below)
- The screenshots are blurred for privacy reasons!
- If you have Force Closes please report them directly via Mail with logcat output.
- Force closes on the map are due to broken Google Maps Libraries on your device. Update your ROM/Gapps!