Music Boss for Wear

Music Boss for Wear

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Now Optimized for both Round and Square Screens! “Ok Google…start Music Boss.”

Welcome to total media control for your Android Wear Watch!

Whether you’re controlling a single media app or have an assortment of media apps and want to switch between them, Music Boss has you covered. The music controls on Android Wear are good, but if you’re a new or previous Music Boss user, you may feel that some features are missing.

-Displays media information for all media apps. All of them!
-Swipe left and right to skip tracks, Swipe up and down to adjust Volume.
-Quickly check your current Wear Notifications by palming the Music Boss screen to close the app or by choosing the "Auto Close Wear App for Notifications" in the Phone App settings.
-"Launch Music Boss" notification on the wear notification stream for quick access to the app (can be Disabled in the phone app settings)
-Each song is a unique experience with a media screen that adapts to the current Album Art.
-Media progress for apps that report progress
-Control your media and adjust volume while casting to Chromecast.
-Access a list of your media apps right on the watch to select and launch them on your phone or watch (if there is a wear app for it like Player FM).
-Start music right from your Wear watch by selecting an app and taping the screen the start playing.
-The screen automatically dims to save precious battery life; and lights back up when you look at the watch (like magic)
-Clock options to display (or not display) the clock the way you want it (accessible via Wear App settings menu)
-Visual feedback (media control and current volume) and option to vibrate on actions.
-Tweak the media screen settings right in the Wear app. This includes screen dimming, timeout, night mode and more.

❓If you are experiencing any issues with the app, please contact me before leaving negative feedback, I am always willing to help users get set up and I respond quickly: 📧 / @rebootramblings / +RebootsRamblings❓

Compatible with all Android Wear devices: LG G Watch, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, ASUS Zen Watch, Sony SmartWatch 3

Permissions Explained:
Device & App History: Collect logs to troubleshoot user bugs.
Photos/Media/Files: Used to store album art on the wearable

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