Expense Balance

Expense Balance

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Control System FREE personal finances. Now the initial list will display the last month to contain transactions. in case of future transactions will be displayed the month of transactions registered a longer period.

Register of Auditors
Registration Categories
Registration Transaction
Transactions in Sequence
Current Balance
Advanced Filter to view transactions!
Listing Transactions recalculation of balances in real time (including after a transaction)
When you delete an account, all transactions will be automatically deleted.
Charts Revenue and Debts

Mini Tutorial:

On the main screen, pressing the menu of your smartphone displays two options:

New Categories and Maintenance Account

Register new account in the account that you use to centralize the information of your spending on a daily basis.
To register a new account is necessary to name the account and provide a baseline for this. Since the initial value can be any decimal value.

Maintenance of categories used to categorize transactions that will be added to your account.

After registering an account, tap the top of your account to open the transaction list.
Initially the list is empty.
Press the menu of your smartphone to view the option to include a transaction or view the report (initially only debts).

To register the transaction are required a description, date and a value for the transaction as well as the category of the transaction and account type (debit or credit).

Then simply follow the values ​​of your account over time and control your finances.

This type of control SAVED MY FINANCES and I hope that helps everyone.

Help me decide what will be the paid version ... Send me an email with what you would like to use the paid version. Thank you.

* Advanced filters PAY ONLY VERSION