Kidpix: Save Your Kid's Art

Kidpix: Save Your Kid's Art

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    Sep 16, 2013


Finally! You can now permanently store and easily share your child’s artwork with family and friends. Kidpix: Save Your Kid's Art is a new and unique app for ANDROID that makes saving, personalizing, and sharing your child’s artwork a snap! If you’re like most parents, your home and office are overflowing with all the beautiful artful creations that your child has created. You don’t want to throw any of them away, but you would probably love a better way to hold on to these heartfelt masterpieces. Kidpix: Save Your Kid's Art can take care of this for you—and more!

There are 4 basic steps to using the Kidpix app:
1.Create an artist profile.
2.Add your child’s artwork.
3.Select a frame.
4.Save and/or share the artwork.
That’s all that is required to add new artwork to Kidpix!

•Personalize Artwork
Add a frame, title, date, special notes, and any other details you want about each work of art.

•Create Unlimited Collections
Collections are a great way to group similar artwork. Create as many as you need!

•Take New Shots or Use Existing Images
Add images of artwork in an instant using new camera shots or existing images on you camera roll.

•Share with Family and Friends
Whether your family and friends are accessible via email or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter®, Flickr™, and Tumblr®, you will be able to share your child’s artwork.

•View Images
You have the option of viewing individual images or a slideshow of a selection of images.

•Save Options
Artwork can be saved to your camera roll or as part of a collection within Kidpix. Dropbox feature coming soon!

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- Ability to add multiple pieces of art faster
- Dropbox feature to save your artwork just in case.
- Photo prints.