Monster Truck Destruction™

Monster Truck Destruction™

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Monster Truck Destruction™ Reviews

  • Daniel Geerts

    Daniel Geerts

    Reviewed in Android Overload

    Step aside other sideview/2D monster truck games, Monster Truck Destruction is king of the hill. With the exception of Monster Truck Destruction other monster truck games available for Android are flat out terrible. Driving a monster truck isn't about driving up and down hills and trying not to flip over, its an art and there's no game I've found for Android or any other mobile platform that comes close to capturing that then Monster Truck Destruction. Monster Truck Destruction offers up drag, freestyle or championship mode which is a combination of drag and freestyle in a leader board. There's 30 different monster trucks available and a certain amount of tinkering can occur with each of those trucks in regards to engine, suspension, etc. You can control the truck with a joystick, dual joystick, left or right button, or tilt with a brake/reverse and gas button. The graphics are about average and remind me of a playstation game but what I really enjoy about Monster Truck Destruction is the physics and damage. You can rip apart your monster truck piece by piece and if you push it too far or hit a jump wrong it might cost you a tire, not to mention they've made cars, buses, and campers asking to be destroyed. The physics of the game are decent and will allow you to do backflips, spinouts, wheelies and much more and is quite realistic. Monster Truck Destruction is available for free, however there is in-game purchases available but no ads plague the game at all. You can sign into the game using Google+ but there's no competition against your friends and/or no real life leader board or anything. Overall I really enjoyed the game, it brought out the kid in me and I think my toddler son liked it as well.


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Drive and destroy your way to glory Your fans are calling out for destruction and you’re going to make sure they get it! Get behind the wheel of one of 30 monster trucks and put it to its limits to destroy everything in sight. Spin your wheels in competitive Drag races or send your ride leaping off jumps and smashing into other cars in Freestyle mode.


Drive 30 different monster trucks including the legendary Bigfoot through drag races that test your handling and freestyle races where destruction and stunts wow the crowds.


Play around with truck physics that cause trucks to bounce, drift, and tire slip realistically. Smash through cars to see the dynamic damage system in action and impressive graphics.


Visit the garage and upgrade your trucks with new new engine, intake, trans, shocks, and exhaust part that radically change your ability to leap further over cars and smash through objects.

Game Features:

• Thrilling and destructive gameplay
• Realistic truck physics and a dynamic damage system
• Drag, Freestyle, and Championships to compete in
• Excellent visuals and a head-banging soundtrack
• Choose from four different control methods from tap steering to dual joysticks
• Take pictures of your stunts and share then on Facebook and Twitter

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