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Lockdown Pro - AppLock Reviews

  • Big Mark

    Big Mark


    Possibly the best app locker in the Playstore and it's free (some permissions are unnecessary though wouldn't recommend if you are concerned about privacy)

  • keno carl reyes
  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Reviewed in Essential apps for a new phone.

    Protect your privacy by locking some apps with a code or pattern.

  • Simonna


    Reviewed in Apps to make your smartphone even smarter

    Probably the smartest and greatest app locker

  • Mcwurth


    Reviewed in Anti-top-apps.

    Lock every app you want. Close of your SMS for the wife you are cheating on or make sure you wont show those nude pictures by accident to your colleagues :-)

  • Kamil Wieczór

    Kamil Wieczór

    Reviewed in Tools for Android

    Works great with Android Device Menager. You can lock Android Device Menager on your phone by using Lockdown Pro.

  • ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    Reviewed in احمد العمودي لشروحات الاندرويد

    تطبيق Lockdown Pro تطبيق حماية مميز حيث تستطيع من خلاله حماية بقية التطبيقات بكلمات مرور أو نمط قفل معين بحيث لا يستطيع الأطفال مثلا فتح تطبيق المتجر أو تطبيق الإتصال أو غيرها من التطبيقات وهو يفيد ايضا في حفظ صورك الخاصة بعيداً عن أعين المتطفلين ع...

  • Thọ Trần

    Thọ Trần

    Reviewed in AppPlus.Mobi

    You don’t want other people access and read your private information such as: email, message, photo and video… on your smart phone? It‘s too difficult for you to find out any solutions? So don’t worry too much, Lockdown Pro is an excellent app that helps you solve this problem. Lockdown Pro is FREE 100%, FULL FEATURES , NO ADS! Features: ★ Lockdown Pro is the BEST app lock and privacy protect tool, it can lock any app, such as SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Viber, Line, Evernote, etc and special apps including Lock install/uninstall apps, Lock incoming calls, etc. ★ One-tap to lock Apps. ★ Auto lock new-install app. ★ Auto lock & unlock when you get in/out your setting locations. ★ Auto lock & unlock when connect/disconnect with wifi. ★ Active lock apps with a SMS ★ Three password modes: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock & Calculator Lock ★ Fake Error Message (Distract from unauthorized access.) ★ Random keyboard password ★ Time pin password (Ex: If the time is 13:12, your PIN will be 1312) ★ Themes store (so many beautiful themes for your choice) Facility Security: ★ Prevent uninstall Lockdown Pro & clear the memory on some devices (Activate Device administrator) ★ Lock Deactive Device administrator ★ Hide Lockdown Pro icon (Remove Lockdown Pro icon on App Draw & Home screen)

  • Ankur Garg

    Ankur Garg

    Reviewed in Apps you wont uninstall

    Locks your important apps so that only you can open them.. Also have a feature of fake force close screen when launching locked apps. One cool feature is pin that dynamically changes according to the current time..So everytime anyone tries to open a locked app, he has to enter a different pin..


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★ Lockdown Pro: Top 5 Apps for 2014 by xda-developers ★ Lockdown Pro is the BEST applock, supporting more than 30 languages.

★ Lockdown Pro can lock any app, such as SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Viber, Line, Evernote, lock install/uninstall etc.

★ Lockdown Pro can hide pictures, videos (support .gif image).

Activate for android 5.0 Lollipop:

App lock for Lollipop


★ Easy to use, beautiful UI with Material design, ripple animation.

★ Three password modes: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock & Calculator Lock.

★ Private Gallery: Hide pictures, videos (support .gif image).

★ Smart lock: Auto lock/unlock with smart watch, car or use address wifi, location.

★ Observer: Send email with some info and pictures of the person who wants to access your phone.

★ Fake cover: This feature will fake a crash dialogue cover when you open an app that has been locked.

★ Lock screen: This feature will replace your default lock screen.

★ Backup & restore registered apps to Google drive or sdcard.

★ Random keyboard password

★Time pin password (Ex: If the time is 13:12, your PIN will be 1312).

★ Themes store (so many beautiful themes with Material design for your choice).

★ Screen timeout: The screen will never turn off when running registered app.

★ Auto-Rotate: The screen of your device will not auto-rotate when running registered app.

★ Hide app icon (Remove Lockdown Pro icon on App Draw & Home screen)

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