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APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents GLaDOS Control.
Here at Aperture our scientist work tirelessly to bring the latest innovations in smartphone technology to your devices. Starting mid of last year Aperture Laboratories has expanded its research and development to this exciting new technology sector and through the expertise of our scientists we were able to deliver significant key innovations revolutionizing the entire field of human-smartphone interaction.

Since our GLaDOS kernel was deployed last year, we have registered a significant decline of smartphone related accidents reducing the mortality rate among smartphone users to a historic low. However since safety of our products is always a major concern for us at Aperture, we did not stop there. Scientific tests subjecting a sample group of smartphone users to a wide range of high-risk situations has shown that a statistical overwhelming number of terminal accidents are related either to corrosive acid, lasers and various kinds of bullets or caused by human errors in interaction with the GLaDOS kernel.

To avoid these kernel related potentially lethal human errors our science team developed the GLaDOS Control application. Extensive tests have shown that with this application even a well-trained chimp will be able to safely interact with our GLaDOS kernel.


Currently features interfaces for:
* Battery Life eXtender (BLX)
* Touchwake
* Min/max MPU frequency
* Live OC (overclock MPU, core/bus/RAM and GPU)
* Custom Voltage (MPU, IVA, core and regulator voltages)
* Color Control (color multipliers, V1 gamma offsets and gamma value)
* Checking for a kernel update
* Showing the changelog
* Downloading a kernel update and updating the kernel
* Installing/deleting a previously downloaded kernel
* Sound Control (high performance audio mode and headset volume boost)
* USB Fast Charge
* On-screen help explaining the effect of each tweak/setting (tap-and-hold)
* Warning dialogs for settings that can cause trouble
* Load/save/delete settings
* Showing the current CPU temperature
* Temp Control
* Vibrator Control
* FSync Control
* Individually select which settings are automatically set on boot (tap-and-hold)
* CPUfreq governor and governor parameters
* I/O scheduler
* Daily educational tips with suggestions and recommendations
* WiFi low latency power mode
* Enabling/disabling SmartReflex voltage calibration (MPU, core and IVA voltages)
* Lock/unlock the bootloader (without the forced data wipe)
* Show calibrated SmartReflex voltage values (for MPU, core and IVA)
* Change TCP congestion scheduler

Upcoming features:
* more

**** IMPORTANT ****
Some custom ROMs come with a broken version of su and/or busybox. If you experience any problems with the app, before reporting the issue first try to fix it by installing Stericson's busybox ( and SuperSU ( and then updating the su binary in the SuperSU app.

Tap-and-hold a setting for showing the on-screen help dialog which also has an option for marking this setting to be automatically loaded on boot.

Get the kernel, additional information about the kernel tweaks and support at RootzWiki/XDA!

Galaxy Nexus:

Nexus 7:

You can also get this app on Android Pit which accepts Paypal and other payment options:

*** This application is ONLY for the Galaxy Nexus (GSM, Verizon and Sprint) and Nexus 7 (WiFi, GSM) devices and you will need root access. ***

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