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Shuttle Music Player

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    Sep 18, 2014

Shuttle Music Player Reviews

  • Jānis Emulis

    Jānis Emulis

    Reviewed in Some great apps you may not know. Yet.

    PowerAmp for me suits better, but damn... this is one fine looking stock player replacement. Automatic album art grabber (which works flawlessly by the way, you just need to have well tagged album information), in-built sleep timer, equalizer, HOLOish looks, queue and all the other self explanatory music player functionality. My biggest complain is non native way to limit which folders are being scanned so you may find yourself listening to some files that are not hidden from media scanner (put .nomedia file in those folders).

  • The App Hunter

    The App Hunter

    Reviewed in The App Hunter: Best Free Apps

    Lightweight, fluid, beautiful UI. Has all the functions you need. Just added Pebble support, too!

  • Jennifer D'Souza

    Jennifer D'Souza

    Reviewed in Beautify Android

    A beautiful, clean music app. Very responsive developer. The plus version gives you access to colourful themes and folder browsing. Definitely worth a try.

  • Kristen Ann

    Kristen Ann

    Reviewed in It Puts the Mabamba in Ma Music!

    Since my phone is rooted I don't have a stock music player. Well this is where this Comes into play. No pun intended.

  • Truman Kitos-Lindsey

    Truman Kitos-Lindsey

    Reviewed in Beautiful Apps for KitKat

    My daily music driver

  • ninjosh97


    Reviewed in Free Holo Delight

    A great music player if you aren't into Google Play Music.

  • Lamies El Hussieny

    Lamies El Hussieny

    Reviewed in Recommended Apps

    This is the app to use when you need a simple music player to just play the music you 've on your mobile, nothing fancy or complicated, simple and easy to use and won't bother you.


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Shuttle Music Player is an intuitive, lightweight and powerful music player for Android.

- Built in 6-band equalizer with bass boost,
- Gapless playback
- Lyrics (supports both embedded lyrics and online lyrics via MusixMatch)
- Automatic artwork downloading
- The best user interface of any music player in the Play Store
- Tons of theme options, including light & dark mode
- Sleep timer
- Extremely customizable widgets
- Scrobbling

Features available only in the paid version (Shuttle+)

- id3 tag editing
- Folder browsing
- ChromeCasting to your TV
- Tons more themes

Shuttle Music Player contains everything you need in a music player... and a little bit more. It is the music player of choice for your Android device!

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