Deep Loot

Deep Loot

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    Jul 28, 2016

Deep Loot Reviews

  • Katryna Sleptzoff

    Katryna Sleptzoff

    Reviewed in Actually GOOD Games

    Oops, I haven't had this game for very long and I'm already addicted. First of all-- really great looking pixel graphics with the appropriate chip tune music to go along with it. But it doesn't just look and sound great, it's also fun as hell too. You play as a scuba diver going on dives in the ocean to explore, and at first each dive session is extremely short. But as you play and upgrade your items you have more time to spend underwater and find new things! You also fight ocean creatures, with each creature having different attributes (some will flee, others will get their friends and gang up on you if you attack them first, etc etc) but it's not stressful at all, and takes more planning and strategy than reflexive skill. This makes it good for kids who aren't amazing at skillful games as it is pretty non stress, but also great for adults like me because the "damage" is just a deduction in air tank time (which basically means less time on a singular dive). And since every action requires some of this "air time", it can be extremely entertaining to strategize how to best use it.......but still stress free enough that if you didnt want to think about it, you don't have to. Also, there's only one currency instead of two (you know, where they have a special second currency that you can usually only get with real money and stuff) AND yes, there are in app purchases but they are probably the most reasonable in app purchases I've ever seen, with the highest amount being like 7 dollars (and it nets you something like 5 million coins....that's a lot!). But basically what I'm trying to say is, you can enjoy every aspect of the game without having to pay money, and if you do spend a few dollars you feel like you are getting a great deal....and personally I don't mind spending a couple of bucks on apps I like because as an artist, I am all for supporting creative developers that make good games. So here's a run down: -Good for ALL ages -Amazing and addictive gameplay which includes exploring deeper, finding new locations, hunting for treasure, fighting sea creatures, finding collectibles (and if you fill a collection you unlock a special item or perk!), and more! -There are in app purchases but not only are they the most reasonable IAPs I've ever seen but you can skip them altogether as you can acquire everything in game without having to pay for anything. -come to think of it I have not seen one ad either -Great pixellated graphics and awesome chip tune music - S-note pen compatible -there's probably more but I don't feel like typing it all out, just download it and see for yourself! Very worth it. If you've read this far you're almost required to now. (Not really but....I really like this game. And I'm almost 99% sure you will like it too).


Deep Loot is a game about swimming, digging and fighting your way through an infinitely explorable ocean to discover lost ruins, plunder hidden treasures and earn some chunky paychecks!

You can then use your coin to get bigger boats, unlock diving suits and to upgrade your equipment as you attempt to find hundreds of unique artifacts, complete variety of challenges and smash a smorgasbord of records in a quest to become the greatest Deep Loot diver of all time!


- Five unique depths packed with secrets and surprises
- Over 200 pieces of collectable loot to find
- Dozens of suits & ships to unlock each with their own dive enhancing perks
- Stunning original musical score featuring over 8 amazing tracks
- A huge range of missions of achievements for those who like a challenge


- Keep exploring! You'll automatically return to your boat once out of air
- Creatures only move when you do so plan your routes and save air
- Tap and hold whilst diving to bring up a handy tool tip
- Check out your current missions at any time by pausing the game
- Using keys on locked chests will save you lots of air from bashing
- You can Use turbo boosts to reach the deepest depths almost instantly