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Are you tired of running through the same old temples or tapping idly at your enemies? Pulser offers a new and intuitive way to play. Use our custom six character keyboard to zap the invading shapes into oblivion! Swipe or tap to type and let the laser do the rest. Pulser caters for the casual gamer, but achieving the S rank in all 60 levels will test your reactions to the limit. Simple to grasp, hard to master. Free updates with more content coming shortly; the challenge will only increase! No pay to win, just engaging gameplay!

-A charming new way to systematically laser offending shapes
-Improve your vocabulary!
-60 levels incoming free updates
-Crisp, clear visuals - up to 1080p where available
-Power up tiles ramp up the challenge
-Score based, intelligent gameplay



Version 2.0
GIANT update!:
* New SURVIVAL mode! How long can you last?
* New combo-powered shield slows down enemies
* Improved level select and menu button click detection
* Improved results screen
* Score now appears from source as opposed to bottom of screen
* Tweaked background / foreground scaling
* We heard you! S-Rank is now a little easier to get.

Version 1.8
* Fixed serious bug preventing higher graphics options!

Version 1.7.5
* Lots of level difficulty and aesthetic tweaks
* Added our glorious goat logo!
* Easier to read enemy and level text
* Major VRAM optimisation
* Huge performance improvements
* Better button support for smaller screens
* Better back button handling
* Fixed touch inputs below screen height not registering
* Rank now takes into account player collisions
* S Rank now slightly easier to get - A and B a little harder

Version 1.6
* Added new pulsing background effect
* First letter of word more obvious

Version 1.5.1
* Added better Ouya support

Version 1.5
* Added new level music
* Added effect on player hit - music and enemies slow down
* Balancing Tweaks to most levels
* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.4
* Public release*