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"If you like Sci-Fi and puzzles, then the Nexionode video game is the one that you should install on your Android device right now." AndroidGeeks "If you like puzzlers with a sense of style you should definitely check out Nexionode." Super Game Droid

Nexionode is a Sci-Fi logic puzzler set deep in outerspace. While the human crew is under cryostasis, the Nexio Colony Spaceship is suffering massive failures. You are TL-9507, a unique RepairDrone: your AI has been secretly enhanced. Woken up by a security alert, only you can repair the ship’s circuits. Use your logic skills to save the Colony from imminent destruction.
We didn’t make the puzzles easy: Nexionode is deviously crafted for those of us who enjoy overheating our brain.

- overheat your brain with 150+ handcrafted puzzles
- find the key to a variety of challenges
- uncover the backstory of a spaceship on the brink of destruction
- support a passionate indie team of 2 humans and 2 felines!

No in-app purchases, no advertising!

Big Round Eyes is a duo of indie game developers living in Ottawa, Canada.
We'd love to hear what you think of our game, follow us on: