Luke at the Stars

Luke at the Stars

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    Aug 11, 2013


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Luke at the Stars is a tiny puzzle/matching game that tells the story of Luke, a little boy who decided to visit the love of his life, but found the door shut close. Sad, he decided to wander around the city looking for a spot to gaze at the stars and think about life, but the skyline was full of tall buildings! He then wishes for the buildings to be gone. You must help him out in this action-puzzle game by combining floors alike and making them disappear, revealing more of his story. Will he ever find the love of his life? FEATURES:
- Story and survival gameplay modes: will you beat your former score?;
- Cute graphics and immersive soundtrack;
- Suitable for all ages;
- Designed for Android 4.0+ tablets and smartphones.

Android-Apps: "Luke at the Stars takes an artistic approach to things and it’s an extremely cool take on the whole matching game genre."
Tutto- Android" "A game that manages to make you fall in love."