Hell, The Dungeon Again!

Hell, The Dungeon Again!

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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Jul 23, 2015

Hell, The Dungeon Again! Reviews

  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    A fun addition to the roguelike RPG genre. I really loved the graphics style, and the gameplay is a lot of fun too. It's one of the easier roguelikes out there, but its a perfect starting place for those new to the genres.

  • AndroidPolice


    Reviewed in 21 Best New Android Games (9/3/13 - 9/16/13)

    I think this game is named after the phrase you say aloud when yet another soul-crushing RPG dungeon is thrown at you in a console game. But the dungeons are the meat and drink (and dessert, and appetizer, and side salad) of Hell, The Dungeon Again!

  • Chris louthan