VideoVault (Hide Videos)

VideoVault (Hide Videos)

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Update 5.0.3 added new feature Hidden Mode. This feature requires downloading our free app "VaultLauncher" to hook up the device with Hidden Mode. Also, this feature only should be enabled on device which can place phone calls. After hidden, just use your device to call the security code you choose. ==========

VideoVault keeps your Android videos secure by hiding them behind a password-protected wall. With VideoVault on the job, prying eyes cannot browse through your video gallery. Better yet, they won't know what videos you have. VideoVault hides these videos from public view until you choose to reveal them.

Privacy and Discretion

It's a reality of life. Sometimes you're unaware that someone is messing around with your phone. You could leave your Android phone on your desk, and someone may decide to check out your videos without your knowledge. We all carry sensitive material on our Android devices, and your saved videos are no exception.

Enter VideoVault. When the application is launched, VideoVault will ask you to set a password. Once you do, browse through your entire video collection through this application. Choose which videos you wish to protect with VideoVault. You select a video by long-pressing it. That video will appear in your private tab. Back in your public video gallery, the video you selected has disappeared. Anyone snooping around the gallery won't even know the video is there. VideoVault is password-protected at every launch, so they cannot snoop through the app, either.

Plenty of Options

VideoVault comes with a full set of tools. Change the startup mode, set up the order of the videos, and toggle the password login at launch. Restore all your private videos to public view with one tap, and regenerate all thumbnails. Within the application, you can always browse and view both your private and public videos, as well as unhide and delete single videos. There is also a direct link to the developer's website, which includes a FAQ and online support. VideoVault helps you stop nosy spies from snooping around your Android device.

It is best in this category. The key features are:

- Simple hide/unhide one video at a time by long hold on the video thumbnail.
- Multi-select to hide/unhide group of videos
- Multi-select to delete group of videos
- Playback videos on both Public and Private side by simply click on the thumbnail.
- Set app into Public mode, which disguise the app as a regular gallery, no private videos showing. And no password is asked till click on menu->"Change Mode" to enter password to enable all features.

There is no other app on the Market can do all of these.

Remember to visit our website to find more tips and tricks.

* For wmv videos, after you hide them, you can't playback them on some models of phones, please check out our on-lin FAQs (menu->Help->Faqs) for solutions.

If you like this app, please do leave us a positive feedback at the Market.

Want to hide photos, checkout Photovault. And to hide text messages, checkout SmsVault (for Android system earlier than 2.0) or SmsDroid (for Android 2.0 or later).

- If lost videos after upgrade, please run rescue missing private file tool
- Contact us if you have questions. We can't respond to problem through the market reviews.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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