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by Dani

Tower UP

Build your highest tower up in the sky and higher. The tiny tower residents are part of your work, they are happy if the tower is rising through the clouds into the outer space. Let them discover new worlds and planets, far from the earth. Tap on...

Colore - A Color Memory Game

Coloré is a challenging memory game with simple yet addictive gameplay. All you need is your short term optical memory (YES! THAT TINY PART OF YOUR BRAIN) and a finger (PREFERABLY YOURS!). With a range of gamemodes to choose from, Colore is...

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by Frolenkov Productions

the Weather

WEATHER for Android. Weather forecast for all the world, satellite, wind & sea, surf, webcams, real time weather, widgets, geolocation. A great app with more than 10.000.000 downloads! NOTES: - widgets aren't available if you install or move this...


The default background 3.0 would be improved to Default Dynamic 3.0 in the next version of GO Weather EX. If you like default dynamic 3.0, you can download and apply it now. Default Dynamic 3.0 displays dynamic backgrounds for 7+ weather conditions:...