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Minimalist Games

by Rita El Khoury

Get Likes on Instagram

Want to like others' photos, but they don't like back? Get Likes aggregates all Instagram users with this common interest, people can genuinely show likes for each other's photos. You can also promote yourself for other users to follow! How does it...

Skype Qik: Group Video Chat

Introducing Skype Qik (say “quick”), a free* video messenger made for capturing moments and sharing laughs throughout your day. Set up a group and immediately start shooting and swapping videos. Send something to crack your friends up, or show off...

Apps I can't live without.

by Inderpal Singh

Material Design | Apps

by Pravs Vasan

CircleMe: interests & passions

CircleMe keeps you up-to-date with all your interests in life. Download the app to get great content and news about your passions and engage in conversations with people who share your same interests. Music, books, movies, tv-series, famous people,...