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5 Star Games

by SGDjames

Logo Quiz - Cars

Guess the car brands with the best car quiz ever! Amazing new pics quiz from the creators of the #1 Logo Quiz ( ). "Logo Quiz - Cars" is a free game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of car logos from different...

Logo Quiz Ultimate

Guess the logos of different brands (companies, products, etc.). Divided into 34 levels you will find 1700 logos. For every logo you will receive 100 points if you've quess directly correct. For each failed attempt you will lose 5 points. Do you...

Movie Quiz - Guess the Movie

Guess the movie basing on hundreds of screens, posters, famous quotes and interesting trivia! Movie Quiz – professional trivia quiz created for movie lovers! Learn by guessing, discovering trivia and answering TRUE or FALSE questions. FEATURES - e...