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Riptide GP2

Sensibly improved sequel to the first jet ski-racer with excellent graphics! P.S: The best way to play this game is on a tablet with a connected PS3-controller! In addition to the full-price the game is finance via In-App purchases and it's also optimized for tablets!


Retrica is a camera/selfie app that comes with loads of filters and collage layouts. It's an absolutely must-have for anyone into selfies. Its design is also pretty slick and poppy, with no added distractions to shift your focus away from the task at hand—taking a selfie.

Writeily: Markdown Text Editor

Writeily is a minimalist markdown editor. It doesn't come with fancy animations or crazy add-ons, but it does its job well. Its beauty is utterly utilitarian.


Coursera is a nifty app for you to access college courses on your phone. Gone are the days of massive student debt and physical classes (just kidding; both are here to stay). I'm not kidding, though, when I say that the free lessons provided are myriad and interesting.

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