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The best smartphone automation app ever made. you can automate just about everything from shut down your wi fi when leave your office, send message to your loved ones when you are home, connect to specific connection when you are at work place to...

[root] StickMount Pro

Pro version for stickmount.

Essential Apps For Root Users

by Shahbaz Shaikh

ZUI Days - Countdown Timer

This app is beautifully simple and taps into that emotional side of you. If you're the type. You can view this app as a calender/appointment book with the functionality to set birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The standout features: - It's beautiful...

Kids Videos

by John Miller

Clash of Clans Hack

by George Jakopulakidis

SoundCloud - Music & Audio

I first thought this app was a music player. I was wrong, it does not give you access to your own files. But! Me being wrong does not mean that this app isn't great as a stand alone store for audio and music files. Function for function, this app...