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Take Gyro, unroll the colour wheel, and you'll get Slido. For now there's only one mode available, although the pro version promises upcoming exclusive features, so keep an eye on that.


Of course I have to credit the game that started it all, now finally ported to Android. Swipe and slide to your heart's content!

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by Christoph Kerschbaumer

500px: Best Photos

This is not exactly a wallpaper app. It's more of a photo sharing community. But the quality of the photos is extremely good. And they are all shot by people like you & me. You can download them by sharing to any third party app. Excellent!


Hoplite is a turn-based roguelike that is simple in design but quite a challenge to master. Your goal is to delve deep into this dungeon while collecting upgrades, battling hordes of enemies, and most importantly staying alive! It takes a bit of time to fully understand but its worth it to figure it all out.